I found the full album of youtube and was able to listen through with the track markers.

  1. Track A – Solo Dancer (6:20)
    Stop! Look! And Listen, Sinner Jim Whitney!

Lets get an introduction going! I don’t listen to jazz but this I could get down to enjoying a little at least. The melody is easy and smooth consistent eith the pice and easily in control. The sax laying its own thing through the song with the backing instruments fit well and feel right.

  1. Track B – Duet Solo Dancers (6:25)
    Hearts’ Beat and Shades in Physical Embraces

This track has a beautifully recorded piano, solo style, just how I like it. With a nice melody overlaying smooth sax and other instruments soloing the piano skills of the artist all playing together with a wonderful sound to it that I could appreciate.

3. Track C – Group Dancers (7:00)
(Soul Fusion) Freewoman and Oh, This Freedom’s Slave Cries
opening up again with that piano, and following it along after that with some great chorus like wind work filling in the blanks of speech and respond style piano.

  1. Mode D – Trio and Group Dancers (17:52)
    Stop! Look! And Sing Songs of Revolutions!

Coming strait out of the gate with a fast and lively drum rol right into that sax and piano kind of leading you on into a bass line. I found the right amount of potential in this song to keep me listening for a bit. Then lead out fully with a great ending sax solo.