Best/bad jazz

from looking through different jazz albums or even songs really, personally myself i don’t find much interest in most jazz. there are a few that i can appreciate though. when looking through some of the best and worst recordings at least there were a couple things that i could find and a few that i would like to share for my topic.

the bad: red mitchell

making his debut cello performance, not at its best. his cello is alright at best. if you listen through it sounds more like, some sort of hillbilly country sound to it, sounding like a banjo is being played. the way that it was recorded it sounds as if there are was a recording done previously behind him, or they set up maybe one or two microphones in front of the cello, then had the band in the back just buried beneath him. there isn’t much room and its difficult because it sounds like a complete recording in mono.

the good : Charlie Parker

This was something i was more able to get into, i’ve got rhythm was something that i was able to appreciate. in some sort. the recording was done well and i feel as if it all blends together in its own way.