Markevich and Fantasia

Markevitch version comparison starting at 4:20- 8:14 and the fantasia Disney version starting at 2:40 – 6:50


If you notice in the Markevitch version it has more of a percussion based darker fluttering kind of sound to this part as the tension rises and slowly falls through the entire section and horns and strings can just slightly be heard, flowing slowly through the section to build excitement and tension with the audience. The recording fits well with the instruments being used and how it is engaged with the audience but when the percussion is fully in and the orchestra is performing as a while you have a nice and dark tone to the whole piece and you can feel it flow smoothly.


In this version you can feel it much smoother because of the remastered edition. The horns and the strings feel like they are fluttering and bring a similar tone as the last version. But the percussion and the string section are used as more of a leading role with causing some more tension but building more mystery with the song. It kind of feels dark but playful at the same time. Bringing more to the table with the better quality of recording and the remastered feel to it. But I feel as the horns and strings as well as drums have more of a hold on this version dropping out more through the elapsing time. Letting double bass and flutes play a little more with the song. Violins and trombones are more pronounced with the version bringing the whole section alive with their section and you can hear a lot more tuba in this version.