Up and Coming

Sir Sly

A band i am not sure if many people know a lot about, but i know they deserve the recognition, live and song quality they have an amazing sound to them, with perfect chemistry through the entire band, and you can tell they do.

They only have an ep out at the moment but from listening to it, you can tell their potential. they are American indie pop band formed in LA California, they are a three man band and were first recognized as being anonymous and no one knew their identities until the hype machine chart managed to top and they revealed their identities.

song: Ghost

This song is filled with elements of every type, leaving you with many mixed feelings. the sound is beautifully put together and you can tell there is much emotion in everything they do. the lyrics stand out and can have a different interpretation depending on the person and it has a full spectrum of different dynamics and things that can just keep you thinking about the song.