My  name is Caulin Hughes and here is a little here and now of who i am and what brought me to where i am today. This current chapter of my life as of today is that i am a student at the Art Institute of Seattle in the Audio design and technology bachelors program. i currently live in granite falls and yes at home with my parents still and my girlfriend. i am 20 years old and born on march 28th 1994. a little unknown facts about me, i first found my interest in music back when i was in middle school i had thousands of songs of every genre, always on the computer finding new music and playing a hell of a lot of diablo. 6th grade wasn’t easy for me i was well quiet, and didn’t talk much but i always found comfort in music. at the age of 15 i decided to make a change for myself i got off my ass and lost 100 pounds and started to do more, i had always been a singer, i have been singing since i was in elementary school and still do today, i have been in 3 failed bands that just didn’t work out and i wanted to do more with my fascination of audio so i followed that. that was the only thing that made sense to me and i am so glad i did.

few fun facts about me other then what i have already said. i extremely enjoy writing, i am a song writer and have been since i started high school. i have about a hundred written down and have never shared any of my work with anyone other then my girlfriend that i have been with for 3 years. another fun fact i am extremely outgoing, but there is a catch to that, i am also extremely shy and hate talking in public and to people unless they talk to me first, for a while, must be my anxiety or something, but i’m trying harder and harder each day.

but well i don’t know if this is what i was supposed to say here but this is something about me and where i come from.


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